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From Jean-Christophe Boggio <>
Subject Re: Question concerning REST
Date Thu, 27 Aug 2015 13:40:12 GMT
Le 24/08/2015 19:57, Jim Howard a écrit :
> Darn.  My only other bit of advice was "Are you sure Embperl is best for
> this?"

No, I'm not sure it's "the best". But I'm sure it's possible (see below).

> My company maintains a large Embperl app, but we use other tools for
> REST/JSON (one of the reasons we are moving away from Embperl).

My application is rather large and I only needed to create a small 
webservice so switching to another language just to write 20 lines of 
code was bugging me.

Okay, so solution that works for me :

1. a) You must disable Embperl's form data processing by using 
optDisableFormData. I did this in :

<Location /rest>

1. b) For some mysterious reason, doing this (and it does the same if I 
rather use a <Directory> directive), the EMBPERL_OBJECT_BASE that I set 
for the whole virtualhost to "base.epl" is lost and I *MUST* use 
"_base.epl". Forcing it in the <Location>/<Directory> does not work. So 
I did a symbolic link :

ln -s base.epl _base.epl

2. Then, in order to read the POSTDATA, the only way I found was to dig 
in Apache2::Request. Here is my code. It works. At least for the very 
small use I have.

First install the module :

sudo apt-get install libapache2-request-perl

use Apache2::Request;
use Apache2::RequestIO;

my $buffer;
warn "buffer::$buffer";

I call it like this :

curl -i -X POST -d '{"name":"toto"}' http://omico.miaou/rest/notifent.html

And the logs say :

[Thu Aug 27 15:32:48 2015] [warn] [19141]ERR:  32:  Warning in Perl 
code: buffer::{"name":"toto"} at /.../omico/rest/notifent.html line 10.

Oh, and by the way, GET, PUT and DELETE also work.

Hope this helps.

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