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From Florian Schlichting <>
Subject Re: migrate from Embperl 1.3 to 2.x
Date Wed, 21 May 2014 10:56:11 GMT
Hi Dirk,

> I want to start with a 64bit amd64 Debian and that will likely use Apache 2.4 and
> Embperl 2.4.
> Are there any usable debian packages to set up Embperl and Apache using mod_perl?

In Debian, Apache 2.4 is available from Jessie (currently "testing"),
which also contains an up-to-date libembperl-perl package.

The current stable Debian release, Wheezy, still contains Apache 2.2;
Embperl 2.5.0-RC3 is available from wheezy-backports.

> The customer wants to use multiple install of the application and access those
> via HTTPS. In the old days this required a separate IP address for each install.
> Now with the SSL SNI feature I should be able to set up a single web server with
> SSL and then configure multiple sites working on multiple of my PostgreSQL
> databases. Thus I can host a couple of install on a single operating system.
> Does a currentl Debian Apache setup support TSL SNI?

It does, but it may spit out a warning that SNI is not supported by all
browsers (which may be true for older browsers, but nothing you'd
seriously want to use nowadays...)


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