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From Damyan Ivanov <>
Subject Re: Bug#709668: AW: embperl: test failure with perl 5.18
Date Fri, 23 Aug 2013 14:35:51 GMT
Hi, Gerald,

-=| Gerald Richter - ECOS, 16.07.2013 06:44:11 +0200 |=-
> hash randomization and other changes in Perl 5.18 did make things 
> much more complicated than I expected.
> I have now a first version that seems to work with Perl 5.18 in the svn.
> I have to do some further tests, than I will create a new release

I tried to apply the patch from revision 1503556 to the current debian 
sources (version 2.5.0 rc3). The patch applied with only one rejected 
hunk, which I applied by hand.

Embperl built fine and tests that previously failed (51 escape.htm) 
now pass. However, some other tests not fail.

With perl 5.18:

 #32 notfound.htm...           

 Expected 1 more error(s) in logfile

 Input:     test/html/notfound.htm
 Output:        test/tmp/out.htm
 Log:       test/tmp/test.log
   errors = 1

and with perl 5.14:

 #247 rtf/rtfadv.asc...        Error in Line 52
 Is:    >{Ulrike}<
 Should:    >{Sarah}<

If the tests pass for you, I guess we could try packaging a snapshot 
from SVN's trunk. 

Best regards,
    Debian Perl Group

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