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Subject RE: Input files in Execute and PerlIO layers for theirs + object_base option doesn't work
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2012 09:47:17 GMT

unfortunately implementing this Perlio UTF8 stuff is not done very quickly.

I will put on the TODO list, but don't expect a quick solution.

You can use the input option and read you the files on your own, just pass the mtime of the
file as mtime option and Embperl will cache your files the same way if it has read the file
on it's own.

Hope this helps


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> From: Perlover []
> Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2012 12:18 PM
> To:
> Subject: Input files in Execute and PerlIO layers for theirs + object_base
> option doesn't work
> Dear Gerald,
> I have some problems with Embperl 2.4.0 (perl v.5.14.2) First, i use Embperl in
> my own environment (no mod_perl, apache, fcgi and etc). Only process
> under Starman server
> I want to use Embperl as:
> my $out;
> Embperl::Object::Execute({
> 		inputfile		=> "/foo/dir/test.epl",
> 		object_base		=> 'base.epl',
> 		object_stopdir		=> "/foo/dir",
> 		output			=> \$out
> 	    })
> I have some problems:
> 1) (BUG?) Embperl::Object doesn't see base.epl file.
> I have /foo/dir/base.epl in directory!
> I see in Starman's logs error as:
> [1738]ERR:  404: : Not found '_base.epl', searched:
> If i rename base.epl to _base.epl them my template works BUT:
> 2) (HELP) Other problem. I use everywhere UTF-8 encoding. My scripts have
> "use utf8" and in UTF-8 encoding, files are in UTF-8 But i see that $out in my
> example doesn't have utf8 flag.
> I think it's because Embperl open file (inputfile) without ":utf8"
> layer. And it reads this file as plain binary file.
> If i will use "params" with utf8 perl variables i think i will have a hell.
> You write in documentation that Embperl works with UTF-8. Yes, may be it
> keeps utf8 flag in variables, in outputs but i think Embperl doesn't work
> correctly with input files.
> Am i right?
> As workaround i see simple option: inputfile_binmode in Execute function
> for example. If Embperl will have this option i will happy as i think! For
> example: if i use this option then Embperl opens files under Execute and use
> PerlIO layer with this layer.
> Certainly, i can read files myself and use 'input' option but i want to use
> benefits of caching of Embperl. If i use files through Embperl as i think the
> Embperl controls modification times of files and caches theirs.
> Perlover
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