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From Jean-Christophe Boggio <>
Subject Re: Status of Embperl?
Date Sat, 08 Sep 2012 18:17:40 GMT
Le 07/09/2012 19:26, Neil Gunton a écrit :
> wrote:
>> -Update the documentation (for example Embperl::Form is nearly
>> undocumented and I guess unused, also it’s very powerfull)
> This would be good too, I am sure you did lots of cool stuff in Embperl
> 2.0 but it's no use if nobody knows about it.

Embperl 2 is quite enough documented. What's missing, in my PoV, is, 
here and there, what is specific to Embperl 1 and/or 
obsolete/recommended in Embperl 2.

I'd also like a bigger faq/hints (wiki-based ?)

>> -Creating packages for the main linux distribution

> But it would definitely be nice if it was in Debian again, that is
> always a sign of the health and legitimacy of a project (for better or
> worse).

I'm always installing from Debian/Ubuntu. I'm not sure I could do the 
job alone but I could help packaging it (I would start by marking 
libembperl-perl as conflicting with apache2-mpm-worker ;-) )

> I am kind of weird, though,
> while I think I'm an ok programmer in some respects, in other respects I
> really don't know much at all. For example, whenever I start looking
> deeper into Perl itself, I realize that I pretty much skate
> superficially over some of the more powerful aspects of the language in
> my own use. I tend to write simple code, which is good, I guess, but
> because of that I'm probably not the best person to write about any
> gee-whiz super advanced stuff. That said, maybe I know more than I
> realize, I mean I've been developing with Embperl for over 10 years now,
> so I must know something. Maybe I've been doing some things wrong all
> this time, I don't know, but if you like I can try to write something.
> Just be prepared for some forehead slapping moments when you see how I
> use it! ;-)

Word for word, the same for me :-)

Thanks Gerald for your work and support.

Jean-Christophe Boggio                       -o)                       /\\
Independant Consultant and Developer        _\_V

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