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From Neil Gunton <>
Subject Re: Status of Embperl?
Date Sun, 02 Sep 2012 08:02:09 GMT
Hi Benni,

I am still using Embperl in my ongoing project, which is a bicycle 
touring journals website with forums, classifieds etc. Actually I think 
it's the biggest bicycle touring website out there. I have over 7,000 
journals by people from all over the world, and we recently passed a 
million photos. I've been using Embperl since 2000, and it continues to 
work very well. I build from source, currently using Debian Wheezy on my 
dev workstation and Squeeze on the production server. There are some 
issues with Perl 5.14 on Wheezy, just related to error reporting 
(sometimes I don't get any line number, just 'compiler error'). I have 
raised this on the list here but it just petered out with no solution.

I am not sure what Gerald sees for Embperl these days, the world at 
large appears to have largely moved on (from Perl/mod_perl, too) but I 
still really like it. It's weird seeing something that just works really 
well get kind of passed over, kind of sad really. If I "make it big" 
with my project then I intend to throw some financial support Gerald's 
way, but that is still in the future (just getting by myself at the moment).

So this is just me saying that I'm still here! I hope Embperl carries on 
for the foreseeable future, I have a large amount of development time 
invested in it at this point (over 10 years worth) and it would be a 
huge hassle to switch to something else.


Benni Bärmann wrote:
> Hi,
> i try to reactivate an old project, which relies heavily on Embperl. But
> i run in to some problems.
> - Which is the actual version?
> CPAN: -> gives 2.4.0
> Homepage News: -> gives 2.2.0 from 2006
> Homepage Download: -> does not work
> Mailinglist-archive: -> discusses 2.5.x, but i cant find it anywhere.
> - Is Embperl stil compatible with actual perl versions? See
> - Embperl is deleted from Debian testing (Wheezy, 7.0) and Ubuntu 12.04.
> Is there any hope that it will get back in Wheezy? I saw some discussion
> here about this issue, but could not figure out, if there is any hope.
> - In general: Is emperl still a living project or should i consider
> porting my project to some alternative? I liked embperl very much, would
> be sad to see it dying.
> Thanks for any help.
> Greatings, Benni

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