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From Andrew O'Brien <>
Subject RE: Status of Embperl?
Date Sat, 08 Sep 2012 04:52:35 GMT
Hi all,

[apologies for the html format - I'm sending from a work webmail client]

> - Embperl is deleted from Debian testing (Wheezy, 7.0) and Ubuntu 12.04.
> Is there any hope that it will get back in Wheezy? I saw some discussion
> here about this issue, but could not figure out, if there is any hope.

I've just taken 2.5.0_1 from the tar.gz Gerald has posted months back and after some blood
sweat and tears I've got the debianisations (patches etc) from earlier distributions either
deleted, modified or merged across and can successfully build a debian package under wheezy.

Since this currently requires ignoring the (harmless) test failures its certainly not going
to make it into debian as-is. However, when Gerald has had a chance to polish up the newer
version of the codebase that he's working on I'll repeat the process and, if successful, pass
it on to the debian perl team (I'm not a Debian packager myself). It won't make it into wheezy
but I'll be happy to maintain unofficial packages in the meantime.

Let me know if anyone wants to beat on it and I'll send it via email or post a link to the
list. I haven't had a chance to do any more than confirm it doesn't make Apache segfault when
its actively loaded at this point so the more testing the better ;-)

> - In general: Is emperl still a living project or should i consider
> porting my project to some alternative? I liked embperl very much, would
> be sad to see it dying.

For my 2c we use it extensively here at work, currently all on slightly older Debian servers
(we have a refresh project happening at the moment hence my work on getting a wheezy package
up and running). It works out of the box for a reasonably large embperl::object website that
forms the front end to our primary service offering so its certainly not going anywhere for
us soon.

Its fast, reliable and its been years since we've had any WTF? moment with it in dev or production.

To be honest I don't know whether this is actually a biggish website or not any more but to
give you an idea the web tree has just under 40k lines of embperl code - this count only includes
non-comment embperl lines or blocks, not html JS CSS etc.

I'll certainly be continuing to support Embperl in whatever way I can.


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