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From Dominic Hargreaves <>
Subject Re: Status of Embperl?
Date Sun, 02 Sep 2012 10:22:18 GMT
On Sun, Sep 02, 2012 at 08:44:05AM +0200, Benni Bärmann wrote:

> - Embperl is deleted from Debian testing (Wheezy, 7.0) and Ubuntu
> 12.04. Is there any hope that it will get back in Wheezy? I saw some
> discussion here about this issue, but could not figure out, if there
> is any hope.

The main reason for this is, as far as I can remember, that there is
no released version which works with current mod_perl. I can't remember
if there are also issues with perl 5.14 also.

The Debian bug report is

Note that this bug meant it was not possible to build the package against
perl 5.14, which is why I worked on it (I was responsible for the perl
5.12 and perl 5.14 migrations in Debian), but I don't use embperl myself.

Unfortunately I think we're too late to get embperl back into wheezy
even if there was someone around who had the time and expertise. If a
release which works with current mod_perl and perl comes out, it can
be subsequently added to unstable and then added to wheezy-backports
after release, though.

Dominic Hargreaves |
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