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From Dominic Hargreaves <>
Subject Test registry/Execute.htm fails with mod_perl 2.0.5
Date Wed, 11 May 2011 22:54:56 GMT
As per the README I'm reporting this bug here, rather than on (where I note a few other bug reports have been sent).

As reported at
<> this test fails when run with
mod_perl 2.0.5.

We have applied some patches at Debian (you can see them at
) but I've reproduced the same problem with a plain unpatched Embperl

It is triggered by

but we haven't got any further than that yet. I'd be grateful for
any input if this looks familiar to anyway.

Test output follows:

#112 registry/Execute.htm...  <P>Here is some text</P>
<table><tr><td>a1</td> <td>b2</td> <td>c3</td>
</tr> </table> </P>
<P>Transfer some vars Some Var !</P>
<P>Transfer some vars Do it again !</P>
<P>Use @param to transfer some data (1 2 3 4) !</P><P>Got data in @param
(vara varb) !</P><P>Change data in @param to (newA newB) !</P><P><table><tr><td>fdat</td><td>text</td></tr><tr><td>test</td><td>value</td></tr></table></P>
Here it starts with some HTML Text<P>

All values should be undefined at the first include and
apear at the second include:

$a =  <BR>
$b =  <BR>
$c =  <BR>
$d =  <BR>
$e =  <BR>

First of all assign a value:

Now we have some 'Umlaute':

Now lets look what we are getting from this:<BR>
(this is the value in $a) (this is the value in $a) &auml;&ouml;&uuml;<BR>

And now a and b together: (this is the value in $a)(this is the value in $a) &auml;&ouml;&uuml;<P>

Here we have some HTML tags within the perl code, Embperl will delete them!<BR>

SELECT *  FROM a ORDER BY b USING &lt;; Hi There&gt;
Here we have something which looks like a HTML tag, but does not start with<br>
a character, Embperl does not change them!<BR>

SELECT * FROM a ORDER BY b USING &lt;; Hi There&gt;
Embperl will also translate HMTL escapes to the right characters i.e. $a &amp;lt; 6 will
get the perl expression $a &lt; 6: <BR>

Now they should have a value

$a = (this is the value in $a) <BR>
$b = (this is the value in $a) &auml;&ouml;&uuml; <BR>
$c = 57 <BR>
$d = 1 <BR>
$e = 2 <BR>


<title>Test for $req_rec in Embperl</title>

$conf = &lt;undef&gt; <br> 
$_[0] = Embperl::Req=HASH(0x42625144) <br> 
$_[1] = &lt;undef&gt; <br> 

$rec_rec  = Apache2::RequestRec=SCALAR(0x42625158)<br>
$$rec_rec = 1107886848<br>

Apache->request    = Apache2::RequestRec=SCALAR(0x4262c194)<br>
${Apache->request} = 1107886848<br>

${Apache->request} = $$req_rec ?  yes <br>


Error in Line 4
Is:     ><H1>2.)IncludefrommemorywithsomeEmbperlcode</H1><
Should: ><P>Hereissometext</P><
Input:          test/html/registry/Execute.htm
Output:         test/tmp/out.htm
Compared to:    test/cmp/Execute.htm
Log:            test/tmp/test.log
  modperl = 1

 ERRORS detected! NOT all tests have been passed successfully

make: *** [test_dynamic] Terminated


Dominic Hargreaves |
PGP key 5178E2A5 from (keyserver,web,email)

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