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From Matt J Cwanek <>
Subject Handler example?
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2011 20:12:32 GMT

Is there an example somewhere of using a custom handler that eventually
calls Embperl to process the page? I'm working from some old code that
used HTML::Embperl to do this, and am having trouble getting fdat to
work properly with my handler under Embperl/MP2.

The HTML::Embperl handler that I'm working from (and that works fine
with HTML::Embperl) would take care of creating fdat on it's own using
CGI, and eventually would call HTML::Embperl::Execute to process the
page (optDisableFormData was enabled).

As I try to port this forward to Embperl/MP2, I'm having problems with
fdat being clobbered later by subsequent nested Embperl::Execute calls,
which wasn't a problem with HTML::Embperl/MP1. It's almost like a scope
problem, but it only seems to shows up if I have nested Execute calls.

Thanks for any help.


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