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From Robby Desmond <>
Subject Re: Nonexistent URLs give server error
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2010 23:54:40 GMT
Hi Michael,

You'll notice this:
"Sometimes you want to have a different behaviour. One possibility is to
let Apache display a custom error page (of course only when you run
under mod_perl).

To get this working you need to set the option optReturnError (262144)
in your httpd.conf in the EMBPERL_OPTIONS directive.

With this option set, Embperl sends no output in case of an error. It
returns the error back to Apache or the calling program. When running
under mod_perl this gives you the chance to use the Apache ErrorDocument
directive to show a custom error-document."

The non-existent URL is still calling the Embperl handler, presumably
because Embperl is supposed to take control of that URI-space, or the
request was for an .epl file (that didn't actually exist), so you should
still be able to pass the error back up to Apache, and have mod_perl do
something useful with it.


On 12/13/2010 5:39 AM, Michael Stevens wrote:
> Hi.
> We're using embperl with mod_perl to handle files ending in .epl. This
> is mostly good, except it seems to result in a 500 error being logged
> whenever someone attempts to access a nonexistent .epl file. Is there
> any way to configure embperl to give a more expected 404 error?
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