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From Robby Desmond <>
Subject Issue with getting Apache to pass %ENV to sub-scripts on Apache2/mod_perl2
Date Thu, 29 Jul 2010 15:04:18 GMT

When testing our server (RHEL 5, x86_64, Apache 2.2.3, mod_perl2,
Embperl 2.3.0), we had no virtual hosts defined (testing was done on the
raw hostname) and all of our forms seemed to work fine.

Now that we have gone to a NamedVirtualHost configuration (because in
production this server answers to many domains), we have run into an
issue with some of our forms. For the most part, changing the encoding
to "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" has solved our problems.

However, the one form that *has* to be "multipart/form-data" now cannot
seem to pull in the $ENV{REMOTE_USER} variable from Apache.

It is a file-upload form, and goes through 3 stages, all run by calling
back to itself and Execute-ing a different Embperl page based on which
stage it is at.
1) Query user about *what* is being uploaded (add_files_1)
2) Gather file metadata (add_files_2)
3) Upload files (and inform user of successful upload when they finish)

The code looks like this:
<form name="Add_Files" method="post" action="bv.add_files.epl"
enctype="multipart/form-data" style="display: inline;">
  [# execute the appropriate page #]
  [$ if $fdat{Add_Files_3} $]
    [- Execute('lower/bv.add_files_3.epl'); -]
  [$ elsif $fdat{Add_Files_2} $]
    [- Execute('lower/bv.add_files_2.epl'); -]
  [$ else $] [# go to the starting page #]
    [- Execute('lower/bv.add_files_1.epl'); -]
  [$ endif $]

At the moment, if we change the encoding to x-www-form-urlencode, we can
get through steps 1 and 2 without losing the $ENV{REMOTE_USER} variable.
However, as you might expect, step 3 won't work that way.

If any part of the form is set to "multipart/form-data", the Embperl
scripts cannot read the ENV variable and give our "Not allowed to view
this" page.

Authentication exists in this set of directories, and ExecCGI has been
added explicitly to these directories both in the main configuration and
in the vhost.

Additionally, the configuration directives for Embperl exist in both the
main server configuration and in the vhost.

Am I missing something about the transition to Apache2/mod_perl2 that
alters what ENV information is passed from instance to instace of an
Embperl page?

Any ideas would be most helpful.


Robby Desmond
BiblioVault Operations Assistant
University of Chicago Press
ph: 773-834-2387
cell: 773-458-0959

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