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From "Thompson, John" <>
Subject RE: Execute( sub =>...) and (object => ...)
Date Tue, 22 Jun 2010 19:31:18 GMT
Ok so I figured out that the Execute( param => ... ) still goes into
@param not @_. Any idea why the ( object => $template ) isn't working?


From: Thompson, John [] 
Sent: Tuesday, June 22, 2010 10:50 AM
Subject: Execute( sub =>...) and (object => ...)


I am attempting to #1 determine if a function is defined in a template
and if so #2 call it sending it parameters all from outside the


I first thought I might just grep for [$ sub name $] and if found do:


my $html;

Embperl::Execute({inputfile  => $template},

                                               sub    => 'name'

                                           param  =>

                                           output => \$html});


But it doesn't seem that "param" feeds the subroutine (and it doesn't
feed the template either), so I can't figure out how to get parameters
to my function.


Then I thought I'd try to do:


my $object = Embperl::Execute({object  => $template});

if($object->can('name')) {




But for some reason, $object is always equal to zero. Does the template
need to have a package declaration? Not sure what I'm doing wrong.
Either of these ways would work, any help is appreciated.


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