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From Chris Denman <>
Subject Re: Embperl BETA 2.4.0 is available
Date Fri, 19 Mar 2010 09:30:09 GMT
That sounds great.

I tend to purchase small virtual servers on a job by job basis and have
always had a nightmare getting Embperl to work.

I will buy a new virtual server today, running Centos 5 and Plesk.  I don't
really use Plesk, but it's hard to come by a virtual server that doesn't run
such utilities.  Previously, Plesk would we the main thing that got in the
way of installing Embperl (Apache source was never present, although
mod_perl was installed ready to go).

Looking forward to trying the new features.

Chris Denman

On 19 March 2010 05:44, Gerald Richter - ECOS <>wrote:

> Hi,
> after a very long time of I am very happy to announce the next beta release
> of Embperl.
> It is available for download and testing at
> It would be great if you can test it out, especially on different
> distributions using Perl, Apache and mod_perl provided by the Distribution.
> It's already working out of the box with openSuSE 11.2, but it would be
> great if somebody could test it on Debian, RetHat etc. and give me feedback.
> Also I started an example for Embperl::Form, since I believe it's a very
> usefull addon, but it is not documented yet. Look at eg/forms/README.txt.
> For now the example does not show the full power of Embperl::Form, like the
> Ajax stuff, datepicker, RichText edit and so one, but it might be helpful to
> understand the basics.
> If somebody else also think this is a usefull tool, help with creating more
> examples and documentation would be very much appreciated.
> Overall documentation is not updated yet.
> As always questions, feedback and patches are welcome
> Regards
> Gerald
> Changes since 2.3.0:
>    - Support for 3.43 (included within Perl 5.10.1)
>      for file uplaods. < 2.43 is not supported anymore.
>    - A lot of enhancements for Embperl::Form
>    - Add example for usage of Embperl::Form. See
>      eg/forms/README.txt. Can be viewed used using "make start"
>    - Increased size limit for errormessage from 1024 to 4096
>    - Makefile.PL can now handle compiling 32Bit code on 64Bit
>      sytsem if Perl was compiled as 32Bit application
>    - Adaption of tests to changed error messages of perl 5.10
>    - Makefile.PL can now cope with OpenSuSE 11.2, if perl,
>      mod_perl and apache are installed from OpenSuSE packages.
>    - Fix make test error for Perl compiled with DEBUGGING on
>    - Support for internationalization in Emberl::Form
>    - Do not link against unused libz
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