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From Gerald Richter - ECOS <>
Subject RE: Embperl question
Date Fri, 05 Feb 2010 10:11:59 GMT


there are no changes in form handling between 1.x and 2.x (only that 2.x can handle UTF-8


%fdat was never persistent between requests. You can use %udat for this, use [$ hidden $]
to create a set of hidden fields to pass the data to the next request.


That the fields are not shown correctly on your POST example might be the case that you use
multipart/formdata and yes, I guess you have the problem mentioned in


The APPNAME is not related to forms. It’s necessary for EmbperlObject.




P.S. Lets move the discussion to the Embperl list


From: Brett @Google [] 
Sent: Friday, February 05, 2010 10:51 AM
To: Gerald Richter
Subject: Re: Embperl question


This was a very stupid question, sorry.

My problem seems that Embperl/ form handling may have changed since 1.x

In particular there was no concept of an EMBPERL_APPNAME then, now it is required.

This legacy 1.x applcation does its own form processing, so maybe i am running afoul of the
new form processing code.

When i run with arguments on the URL line it works file (the application copies request params
to %fdat in a way it likes)

[13217]Use App: common
[13217]Formdata... length = 340
[13217]FORM: name=value

When the same page gets parameters via a form post, Embperl debug shows only form field names,
with no values.. so perhaps here Emperl is copying the data in some new way that the custom
form application dies not like / now ?

[13217]Use App: common
[13220]FORM: Read multipart formdata, length=4220
[13220]FORM: name=

Or perhaps i am running afoul of the problem sited here :

I will delve more into the form parsing on monday, for for now the weekend calls me :)


On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 12:29 PM, Brett @Google <> wrote:

HI Gerald,

Does Embperl 2.x copy contents of %fdat from one page to the next in a related page flow ?

From reading some legacy HTML::Embperl code, this seems to have been the case in the past,
running this code ported to Embperl 2.x, the contents of %fdat are lost.

The code puts some values in %fdat, and uses them over a set of related pages. 

When i navigate to the second page in the related page flow, %fdat seems to have only what
the current page put in it.

If this has always been the case, perhaps i am missing some "magic" somewhere on the client
side which maintains %fdat between forms.

I am using :

# restore old Embperl 1.x behavior (no parsing HTML blocks)

# optAllFormData, optDisableTableScan, optRawInput

# very important (disable escaping of html etc.,)

# hashed db file of sessions (faster)
PerlSetEnv EMBPERL_SESSION_ARGS "FileName=/data/apache/sessions/sessions.db LockDirectory=/data/apache/sessions/locks"

# embperl 2.0 + mod_perl 1.0 compat hooks
PerlModule Embperl
PerlModule Apache2::compat



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