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From Chris Denman <>
Subject Re: Gerald: please update module to include patch for 3.38+
Date Sun, 20 Sep 2009 14:45:23 GMT
Hi Gerald,

Thanks for the advice.

What I may do is try to install again from scratch on Centos 5 and
show you my errors as I go.  That is, of course if you are OK with
this!  There seems to be a lot of virtual dedicated server companies
offering Centos 5 with Plesk so I am sure others would benefit.

Great you're back!  Really looking forward to your latest offerings too.

Maybe the community could get together and get some sort of forum/site
going where we can all talk about our projects and problems?  I am
happy to offer hosting for this.


2009/9/20 Richter, Gerald <>:
> Hi Chris,
> I think Neil has done a good explaination what can be done, so that a site
> scales better.
> Regardings the installation issues. The Problem is, that because Embperl
> work very close togehther with Apache and mod_perl, it needs to be compiled
> with the same compiler settings as Apache and mod_perl. The point is that
> not every distribution, has this information at the right place (or it is
> not there at all). The Makefile.PL tries it's best to figure out which
> options to use, but it does not work all the time.
> The best would be, if we had a packages maintainers for the main
> distrubtions (like Debian, SUSE, RedHat etc.) which knows about their
> distribution (because I do not know all the specifica of all these
> distributions)
> Gerald
> 2009/9/18 Chris Denman <>
>> Hi Gerald,
>> For someone like me who is more of an enthusiast rather than expert (I
>> play and use a lot of trial and error) I find installing Embperl
>> really confusing.
>> Maybe it's just me, maybe I am missing the point.  But for some reason
>> it can take me a few days of bashing around to get it all to work
>> properly (and even then I don't think it is!).
>> An example would be that there's a lot of virtual servers popping up
>> these days.  I just purchased a virtual server with CentOS 5 with
>> Plesk 9 (64-bit).  It took days to get Embperl working under mod_perl.
>>  Can't even remember exactly why as it's all a blur now!  All I
>> remember is that the server was all pre-installed with the very latest
>> versions of Apache and mod_perl.  But I would get errors everywhere.
>> I would uninstall things, reinstall things.  I would never be able to
>> find apache source.  I just think that brute force got me there in the
>> end.
>> Now I have it working, I am finding memory management temperamental.
>> Mucking around with Max_Servers and so on would drive me insane.  Too
>> low and the server would hang whilst requests would queue up, too high
>> and I'd run out of memory.  Most virtual servers give you 1Mb to play
>> with (with 4mb burstable, whatever that means!).
>> Is there any master guru out there that could put together some sort
>> of manual for real-life scenarios?
>> I made a utility for Twitter that went viral for a week - my server
>> took 30,000 hits in a few hours.  Of course, it crashed.  I went away
>> and tried everything to get it working under this sort of load.  Thing
>> is, the traffic slowed and I'll never know if my new setup with hold
>> up.  Can I expect, say, 200 concurrent users on a Embperl website with
>> only 1Mb of Ram?  If so, what's the best Apache configuration?
>> Sometimes I'd make one request and it'd be rapid.  Then the next
>> request would hang.
>> I understand that I should have a good understanding on how everything
>> works from the ground up - but if I was that good, I would have made
>> my own Embperl!
>> Please don't take any of this the wrong way - I absolutely LOVE Embper
>> (I can't code anymore without it!).  That's why I get so frustrated
>> when I can't get it all working right.  I can see the potential - but
>> can never seem to find it.
>> Can't wait for any new versions....!
>> Chris Denman
>> 2009/9/18 Richter, Gerald <>:
>> >
>> >
>> > 2009/9/17 Michael Stevens <>
>> >>
>> >> Gerald,
>> >>
>> >> I've attached my diff below. It's mainly from the previous mailing list
>> >> post:
>> >>
>> >>
>> >> Hoping to see a new release soon?
>> >
>> > Thanks for the patch. I have now not so much workload anymore and hope
>> > to
>> > get out a new version during the next weeks.
>> >
>> > The main work is, that it not only have to work with the newest version
>> > of
>> > Perl , mod_perl and Apache, but with a lot of  older versions and
>> > combinations of them
>> >
>> > Gerald
>> >
>> >
>> >

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