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From Chris Denman <>
Subject Re: Gerald: please update module to include patch for 3.38+
Date Fri, 18 Sep 2009 09:35:04 GMT
Hi Gerald,

For someone like me who is more of an enthusiast rather than expert (I
play and use a lot of trial and error) I find installing Embperl
really confusing.

Maybe it's just me, maybe I am missing the point.  But for some reason
it can take me a few days of bashing around to get it all to work
properly (and even then I don't think it is!).

An example would be that there's a lot of virtual servers popping up
these days.  I just purchased a virtual server with CentOS 5 with
Plesk 9 (64-bit).  It took days to get Embperl working under mod_perl.
 Can't even remember exactly why as it's all a blur now!  All I
remember is that the server was all pre-installed with the very latest
versions of Apache and mod_perl.  But I would get errors everywhere.
I would uninstall things, reinstall things.  I would never be able to
find apache source.  I just think that brute force got me there in the

Now I have it working, I am finding memory management temperamental.
Mucking around with Max_Servers and so on would drive me insane.  Too
low and the server would hang whilst requests would queue up, too high
and I'd run out of memory.  Most virtual servers give you 1Mb to play
with (with 4mb burstable, whatever that means!).

Is there any master guru out there that could put together some sort
of manual for real-life scenarios?

I made a utility for Twitter that went viral for a week - my server
took 30,000 hits in a few hours.  Of course, it crashed.  I went away
and tried everything to get it working under this sort of load.  Thing
is, the traffic slowed and I'll never know if my new setup with hold
up.  Can I expect, say, 200 concurrent users on a Embperl website with
only 1Mb of Ram?  If so, what's the best Apache configuration?

Sometimes I'd make one request and it'd be rapid.  Then the next
request would hang.

I understand that I should have a good understanding on how everything
works from the ground up - but if I was that good, I would have made
my own Embperl!

Please don't take any of this the wrong way - I absolutely LOVE Embper
(I can't code anymore without it!).  That's why I get so frustrated
when I can't get it all working right.  I can see the potential - but
can never seem to find it.

Can't wait for any new versions....!

Chris Denman

2009/9/18 Richter, Gerald <>:
> 2009/9/17 Michael Stevens <>
>> Gerald,
>> I've attached my diff below. It's mainly from the previous mailing list
>> post:
>> Hoping to see a new release soon?
> Thanks for the patch. I have now not so much workload anymore and hope to
> get out a new version during the next weeks.
> The main work is, that it not only have to work with the newest version of
> Perl , mod_perl and Apache, but with a lot of  older versions and
> combinations of them
> Gerald

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