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From Keven Murphy <>
Subject Problems with Apache and SessionX hanging
Date Tue, 07 Oct 2008 14:58:51 GMT
Hello all,

I am having a interesting issue my web server hanging. I have narrowed it
down to SessionX. I run multiple sites off of a single server. I have
recently change my session tracking from file to mysql. The file session
tracking didn't work correctly for one of the websites. Moving to mysql
has fixed the issue. However a new issue has cropped up. The websites will
work correctly for a couple of hours, then everything hangs. The web
server will just sit there for ever saying it is sending data. If I
restart the web server, everything works correctly again.

I have tried adding a index to the sessions database on apache. That did
not seem to help either.

Any suggestions?

I am running Apache 2.2.9, mod_perl 2.0.4, Embperl 2.3.0, Apache::Session 1.87, and Apache::SessionX

Thank you,
Keven Murphy

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