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From "Williams, David G. (HQ-JF000)[INDUS]" <>
Subject Embperl Abandoned: Next Steps?
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2008 13:37:35 GMT
It now seems abundantly clear that Embperl development/discussion has
become very dormant.  Perhaps it has been abandoned.  I don't wish to
criticize Gerald for abandoning this project, rather, I would like to
thank him for his fine work.  I have been using Embperl professionally
since the beginning and am very grateful to him.

Now I am at a crossroads of sorts - I have to choose between continuing
to develop in Embperl or migrating my code (lots of it) to another
product that is actively supported.  I think it's hard for me to justify
continuing Embperl development to my client given that the product
- support
- ample documentation
- an active community (a la PHP) (and no, I do not like or advocate PHP)

So my question to the community (what's left of it) is this: which
language/product should I use instead of Embperl/Embperl Object?  Here
are my priorities:
- Camelness: I would prefer to stay under the Perl umbrella if possible.
I am not unwilling to learn other languages if necessary but Perl rocks!
- Power: Properly implemented, Embperl/Embperl Object is VERY powerful
and productive.  I don't want to downgrade to an inferior product
- Open Source: of course
- Continuity: I need to choose a product that is not on it's way to
- Documentation: Something well documented (perhaps supported by an
O'Reilly book).
- Community: There should be an active community with active discussion
boards and more than one person enhancing/maintaining the product
- Linux: Microsoft is out of the question.

Thank you very much for your time.

David G. Williams 

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