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From Neil Gunton <>
Subject Re: Embperl Abandoned: Next Steps?
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2008 15:09:39 GMT
Williams, David G. (HQ-JF000)[INDUS] wrote:
> It now seems abundantly clear that Embperl development/discussion has
> become very dormant.  Perhaps it has been abandoned.  I don't wish to
> criticize Gerald for abandoning this project, rather, I would like to
> thank him for his fine work.  I have been using Embperl professionally
> since the beginning and am very grateful to him.
> Now I am at a crossroads of sorts - I have to choose between continuing
> to develop in Embperl or migrating my code (lots of it) to another
> product that is actively supported.  I think it's hard for me to justify
> continuing Embperl development to my client given that the product
> lacks:
> - support
> - ample documentation
> - an active community (a la PHP) (and no, I do not like or advocate PHP)
> So my question to the community (what's left of it) is this: which
> language/product should I use instead of Embperl/Embperl Object?  Here
> are my priorities:
> - Camelness: I would prefer to stay under the Perl umbrella if possible.
> I am not unwilling to learn other languages if necessary but Perl rocks!
> - Power: Properly implemented, Embperl/Embperl Object is VERY powerful
> and productive.  I don't want to downgrade to an inferior product
> - Open Source: of course
> - Continuity: I need to choose a product that is not on it's way to
> retirement
> - Documentation: Something well documented (perhaps supported by an
> O'Reilly book).
> - Community: There should be an active community with active discussion
> boards and more than one person enhancing/maintaining the product
> - Linux: Microsoft is out of the question.
> Thank you very much for your time.
> David G. Williams 

I wish Gerald would state clearly what his plans and intentions are for 
Embperl, so that we users can make plans for either our continued use of 
the tool, or transition to some other product, or perhaps even 
transferring development to someone else who has time to dedicate to the 
open source side of things. I know I have quite a substantial commitment 
to Embperl at this point, but no money at the moment. I am still trying 
to develop my own sites. If/when I become the internet millionaire then 
I would be more than happy to help fund further development and support 
for this wonderful tool - I think it still works so well, and would be 
very sad to see it disappear through simple neglect. I for one could not 
imagine transitioning to PHP from here, that would just be too 
depressing. I like the Perl universe.

Ruby on Rails seems to be the tool that's been gaining the "buzz" of 
late, but I also seem to be getting the impression that the honeymoon 
may be over as people start to realize some of the realities of Ruby (no 
expert myself there, just what I get the impression of from many posts 
skimmed here and there).

I'm in the UK visiting family at the moment, but would be glad to 
discuss further Embperl development options once I get back home after 
Sept 12th. I'm not sure if Gerald has been run over by a bus, or if he 
has simply been busy, or just lost interest in the community side of 
things here. I remember in the past I got nervous when he appeared to 
"go away" for periods of time, but then he always seemed to turn up 
again and assure us that everything was ok and was still committed etc. 
That's fine, if that's all this is. It would be nice to get an update 
from Gerald on his status and intentions, whenever he can get to it.



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