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From "Andrew O'Brien" <>
Subject RE: Roll call: What cool, high-traffic websites are using Embperl?
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2008 01:01:08 GMT

Hi all,

> I've been using Embperl since 2000 to run 
> This 
> started off as a single journal of my bicycle tour across America in 
> 1998. I wrote it using Embperl, and developed it so other 
> people could 
> also put their journals up. Over the years I've added forums, 
> classifieds, resources etc, and now it is one of the biggest bicycle 
> touring websites in the world (I think). It current has more 
> than 2,600 
> journals, and over 280,000 pictures, and gets something 
> around 100,000 
> page requests per day. I do this using one Debian server with 
> MySQL, and 
> a two level custom built Apache setup (front end caching 
> reverse proxy, 

We're a systems integrator and our biggest site is an internally
developed IT infrastructure monitoring/management platform that we use
to both directly support our customers and also wholesale to other
service providers and ISPs either as a hosted reseller platform or
directly installed and managed in their infrastructure.

Little caching is possible as the site needs to be dynamically generated
with user-specific point-in-time data but we're moving more sections
into AJAX async calls to speed up page loads and allow partial page
refreshes for example.

I guess the distributed monitoring/management backend is where most of
our complexity lies but the website still sits at around 30k lines of
embperl block code (not html). Point the attached script at your webroot
if you're interested. Most of the heavy lifting isn't in the website
code directly - project is around 80k lines in total with
ORM/Application modules and scripts included.

The largest install gets around 100k hits a day with a DB size of around
150G. We've got two others at around 75% of that.

Because we're so mod_perl heavy we generally have apaches sitting around
80M memory resident. Using a lightweight frontend server (either
perlbal, varnish or lighttpd) for static content is something we'll look
at soon.

We've also started using memcached around the edges to start to reduce
the query load on the DB but that isn't really an issue at this point.

We don't really use any Embperl2-specific features like the application
object at this point - we're basically just running a 1.3 site with
syntax changes.

Enough drivel :)



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