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From Dirk Jagdmann <>
Subject Re: Roll call: What cool, high-traffic websites are using Embperl?
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2008 13:07:47 GMT
Hello boys and girls,

none of my websites are cool and high-traffic, but most of them are 
embperl (except those you don't need any dynamic stuff and are simply 
hand written static html).

The only publicly available one is our website 
which hosts all of the unix software we've released so far.
Then I have written my own link, calendar and address management web 
application. I have also written an application to write invoices and 
manage inventories of customers. And after that I wrote a simple web 
application for document management (uploading files, revisions, etc). 
Now shame on me, all of those still run on Embperl 1.3.6, since they 
started when 1.3 was still hot and I haven't invested any effort yet to 
translate them to new Embperl releases.

If we want to promote usage of Embperl more, maybe we should try to add 
those (stupid) buttons to our webpages "Made with Embperl" featuring a 
cute camel, link to the Embperl site etc. Since I don't have any 
artistic skills I won't make a first design, but maybe someone on this 
list can paint such a thing.

PS: However now (at least for me) Embperl is facing a tough competitor. 
For my current job I've written an simple webserver to server status 
pages for our server process. Since the server is written in C++, we 
wanted a convinient way to generate webpages from within our C++ world. 
Since all existing embeddable web servers either used a multi-process 
model or multi-threaded model which we don't like (we believe in 
select()) I just wrote our own: EmbCPP. Now I just have to convince the 
boss to release this thing into the wild someday...

---> Dirk Jagdmann

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