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From Neil Gunton <>
Subject Error line numbers do not seem to map correctly to source code
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2008 14:46:59 GMT
I am seeing errors in my apache logs which appear to be within Embperl 
code, and yet the error line numbers do not match up with what is in the 
code. For example, I might see

Can't call method "prepare" on an undefined value at line 182 in Docs.epl

But at line 182, that is in the middle of the qq{} for preparing a query 
- i.e. it's not calling prepare at that line. It's true there is a 
prepare statement nearby, but then again I have prepare statements 
peppered throughout my code. It doesn't seem to be a simple "off by one" 

Has anybody else seen this kind of problem? It's not always wrong - 
sometimes I can see that the line has a call to the function mentioned 
in the error. Other times it seems to be referring to the preceding 
line. But other times, like in the first example, it just seems to be 
pointing to the middle of a multiline qq{} (i.e. text).

This is with latest Embperl 2.3, built from tarball.



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