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From Gavin Spomer <spom...@cwu.EDU>
Subject Re: Roll call: What cool, high-traffic websites are using Embperl?
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2008 16:50:45 GMT
I used to use html and embperl for my former site,, which was
pretty big for a while. I was the second person on the net to have a singlespeed mt. biking
website and it was quite popular, if I may brag just a little. Over time I found less time
to work on it and the local ISP that hosted it (and I used to work for) finally when out of
business. Since then I lost my domain because I didn't renew it in time, so I bought
and have been hosting it at iPower, using (BLECK!) PHP. I finally got tired of iPower's crappier
than crap hosting and switched to HostMonster, just yesterday. Too bad they don't have embperl,
but who does?

I hand coded my own guestbook, forum, mailer and other things back then. Now, I'm trying to
resurrect SingleSpeeds Anonymous using a PHP CMS. Currently I'm using CMS Made Simple, but
I may switch to Drupal. I've had a lot of experience with various CMS's as I'm looking to
implement one here at work. Speaking of work, it's nice that I administer my own servers because
I can install embperl on any one of them. :D I've found that even after coding in PHP for
years, I STILL felt more comfortable with embperl!

Okay, little off topic now and I'll break off and make a new thread if appropriate: Does anyone
know of any open source embperl apps? I vaguely remember a thread similar to this a while
back. I'll have to look through the archives. Maybe I should start the first embperl CMS?

Heh heh. Instead of LAMP apps, (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP for those of you who are scratch'n
yer head) we should all form an open source developer group and make LAME apps! ;)

Surprised more people didn't reply to this thread, Neil.

- Gavin

>>> Neil Gunton <> 08/02/08 8:55 PM >>>
I've been using Embperl since 2000 to run This 
started off as a single journal of my bicycle tour across America in 
1998. I wrote it using Embperl, and developed it so other people could 
also put their journals up. Over the years I've added forums, 
classifieds, resources etc, and now it is one of the biggest bicycle 
touring websites in the world (I think). It current has more than 2,600 
journals, and over 280,000 pictures, and gets something around 100,000 
page requests per day. I do this using one Debian server with MySQL, and 
a two level custom built Apache setup (front end caching reverse proxy, 
back end mod_perl) which allows me to withstand click floods and 
slashdottings without breaking a sweat. I'm quite proud of the way the 
site has developed over the years, and I'm also glad to have used 
Embperl to do it - this has made my code easy to manage and develop, 
especially Embperl::Object.

Now I am expanding the site, using the same code as a template for, which will have dozens or possibly hundreds of 
subsites dedicated to all kinds of different subjects, along the same 
lines as crazyguyonabike. They all share a common user directory. Also, will have the same template, for cities (think 
craigslist). So this is my little plan for world domination. You can see 
more at, which is also implemented using the 
crazyguyonabike code.

That's what I've been doing; what have other people done? Why not let's 
have a roll call of cool sites that have been implemented using Embperl. 
What has been done? Tell us! Might be a good way to get this list more 



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