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From "Alan Carwile" <>
Subject RE: Embperl 2.3 does not support Apache 2.x on Win32
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2008 23:59:34 GMT
Thank you for your reply and the ideas/options you mention.  I'll follow
up as things become clearer on our side.


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From: Gerald Richter [] 
Sent: Tuesday, July 08, 2008 5:15 AM
To: Alan Carwile; Hans Ginzel
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Subject: RE: Embperl 2.3 does not support Apache 2.x on Win32


> Hi, this is Alan Carwile at Omneon.  My guess is that you've received 
> questions from others wondering when/if Embperl can be made available 
> for Apache 2.x for Windows.  If that work is not being pursued, what 
> would you recommend to people who are in a situation like ours?  We 
> would like to move to Apache 2.x to provide a more secure web server, 
> but we believe it would be a significantly large amount of work to 
> switch our dynamic pages to anything other than embperl.
> Please let us know of any ideas/suggestions you may have.

Embperl 2.x still only supports Apache/mod_perl 1.x.

This is because Apache/mod_perl 2.x use a threaded proccess model.

Threads are not supported by Embperl 2.x yet.

Theoreticaly you can limit the number of Perl interpreters that mod_perl
uses to 1. In this case you are in the same situation as with mod_perl
1, which means only one Embperl request is processed at a time.

To get it working some adjustments to the build script need to be done,
so it compiles with Apache / mod_perl 2, but this shouldn't be to hard.

The real solution would be to make Embperl threadsafe. Some work in this
direction is already done, but some more work in the internals still
need to be done.

Since I personaly don't use Embperl on Windows currently, I have no
plans to implement the thread support at the moment.

In case it's important for you, of course we can implement it for you
via our payed commercial support.

Hope this helps


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