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From "Andrew O'Brien" <>
Subject RE: Problem using Embperl on Debian Lenny
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2008 01:41:10 GMT

Hi Ed,

> As I understand it, Debian's freezes, like most software freezes I'm
> aware of, are 'except for bug fix' freezes.  If that is correct, then
> the period right before the freeze is actually the *least* stable, not
> the most stable.

While I've never had any issues at any point in the release cycle that I
couldn't fix myself quickly and easily this point applies to any
distribution or software release:

Don't run testing/rc/beta code in production unless you've fully tested
(including meaningful load testing) in an identical dev environment

That's a no brainer.

> Also, I've heard that patches similar to the one that caused 
> the recent
> SSL heartaches are fairly endemic
<unsubstantiated FUD snipped>

To keep this back on track the debian-specific changes to Embperl fall
into the following categories:

1) POD style fixes like adding =HEAD1 NAME sections
2) Additions to allow the package to be built against mod perl 1 or 2
3) Fixes to the tests when run under 5.10
4) Fixes to man pages to remove/recode invalid characters to make troff
5) Some architecture fixes

I have no idea whether these changes have been presented upstream. The
diffs are available from



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