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From Jean-Christophe Boggio <>
Subject Stop embperl from messing with my code
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2008 08:42:12 GMT

I have really strange behaviours in my generated pages and I suspect
embperl to be "modifying" my html. I'd like to prevent this.

The case is this (I use Embperl Object) :

	<div id="upperband">
		<a href="/" class="noborder"> [- Execute('upperband.epl'); -]</a>

	<img src="/img/upperband_home.png" class="noborder" />

	<img src="/img/upperband_subdir.png" class="noborder" />

As you see, I want a different image in the upper band depending on where the
user is.

The problem lies in base.epl : immediately after the <a href="/" class="noborder">
and before the [- Execute... -]

* If I leave the space, I get... a (vertical) space after the block.
* If I remove the space, the generated code is this :

<a href="/"  class="noborder"<img src="/img/upperband_home.png"  class="noborder" />

So my "<a ...>" tag is broken and I see the ">" character.

Also, I take the care of having only one space between 'href="/"' and 'class=...'
and I'd like embperl not to add useless spaces. On a big page with lots of tags
it becomes significant.

Is there a way to disable embperl's reinterpretation of the HTML code ? I never
use the auto-table-like features.


Jean-Christophe Boggio                       -o)                       /\\
Independant Consultant and Developer        _\_V

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