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From Kathryn Andersen <>
Subject Re: Some observations
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2008 01:21:15 GMT
On Wed, Jul 23, 2008 at 05:34:39PM -0500, Neil Gunton wrote:
> 1. What is up with Embperl? I have written to Gerald Richter both via  
> this list and directly to his email address, and had no answer. I also  
> wrote to Angus Lees about the Debian Lenny Embperl package being broken  
> but got no reply. The email archives here are full of spam. It really  
> gives an "abandoned house" impression which is sure to turn off any  
> prospective new users. If I was a potential user, and I came onto the  
> Embperl site to check out the community, I would assume that this is a  
> dying or dead project. Is Embperl still being actively developed, or has  
> Gerald effectively put this to sleep? Has the likes of Ruby on Rails and  
> PHP put Embperl firmly into the history books, or is this actually still  
> an active project?

I have certainly gotten the impression that Gerald Richter is
not as interested/involved in Embperl as he used to be.

There was a flutter of discussion when someone proposed integrating
Embperl with Catalyst, but nothing seems to have come of that.

> If Gerald isn't all that "into" developing it any  
> more, is there any potential for someone else to take it on in a more  
> active way?

The potential is there, with FOSS the potential is always there (even if
someone is forced to do a fork) but what is lacking is the will.
In other words, nothing will happen unless somebody steps forward and
*does* something.  But alas, we all wish that someone *else* would do
something, and thus nothing happens.

And, yes, I am guilty of not doing anything, myself, but I'm finding it
hard enough to keep up with my existing FOSS projects, let alone taking
another one on.

Kathryn Andersen
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