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From Jeremy Malcolm <>
Subject Can't call method "DeleteSession" on an undefined value
Date Fri, 02 May 2008 13:41:01 GMT
Embperl's test document for DeleteSession, to delete the cookie and  
session data after it is finished with, uses this syntax:

$_[0] -> DeleteSession (1) ;

However when I use that in my Embperl::Object page using I get this  

[9391]ERR: 24: Error in Perl code: Can't call method "DeleteSession"  
on an undefined value at /var/www/press/ordering.html line 158, <GEN0>  
line 4.

Any ideas?


Jeremy Malcolm LLB (Hons) B Com
Internet and Open Source lawyer, IT consultant, actor
host -t NAPTR|awk -F! '{print $3}'

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