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From Jeremy Malcolm <>
Subject Session handling doesn't work for me
Date Thu, 01 May 2008 09:36:00 GMT
I am trying to get my head around session handling.  I have a small  
test document like this:

<head>Embperl session test</head>
[$ if $fdat{action} eq "submitted" $]
<p>You just submitted [+ $fdat{test} +]. Now setting a cookie with that
value.  Please <a href="test.html?action=continue">continue</a>.</p>
[- $udat{test} = $fdat{test} -]
[$ elsif $fdat{action} eq "continue" $]
<p>The value you input on the previous page is [+ $udat{test} +].</p>
[$ else $]
<p>Enter anything here.</p>
<input type="text" name="test" />
<input type="hidden" name="action" value="submitted" />
<input type="submit">
[$ endif $]

My Apache 2 configuration looks something like this:

       DocumentRoot /var/www/press
       <Directory /var/www/press>
         <FilesMatch ".*\.htm.?$">
           SetHandler perl-script
           PerlHandler Embperl::Object
           Options ExecCGI
         <FilesMatch ".*\.epl$">
           Order allow,deny
           Deny From all
         EMBPERL_APPNAME terminuspress
         EMBPERL_OBJECT_BASE base.epl
         EMBPERL_URIMATCH "\.htm.?|\.epl$"
         EMBPERL_SESSION_CLASSES "File Semaphore"
         EMBPERL_SESSION_ARGS "Directory=/var/www/press/orders"

Nothing ever gets written to /var/www/press/orders.  I read in the  
Embperl::Config man page that if I put EMBPERL_DEBUG 209715 in my  
environment then I will get debugging of session transactions, but I  
don't get anything that I recognise as helpful written to that log.

Am I doing something wrong?


Jeremy Malcolm LLB (Hons) B Com
Internet and Open Source lawyer, IT consultant, actor
host -t NAPTR|awk -F! '{print $3}'

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