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From "Calvin Dallimore" <>
Subject RE: Re: Strange behavior in Embperl
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2008 00:25:17 GMT
One important thing to note when using Apache::DBI to share connections
is that you should not create a connection pool when apache starts up,
otherwise you will have multiple apache requests sharing the same DB
handles. I have seen some really nasty side effects to this where data
from one process is returned to another.



From: [] On Behalf Of
abhishek jain
Sent: January 2, 2008 2:59 PM
To: Gerald Richter - ECOS GmbH
Subject: Re: Re: Strange behavior in Embperl


Thanks again Gerald, appreciated.

What about the problem , at times i observe a blank page, i believe that
$r = shift does not give me the value of $r . If i refresh the page at
times need to do that twice than it shows the correct page. My server
has free resources . Is it the case that i need to change the setting of
Apache , if it is that what but i am running other sites also but this
problem is with the embperl only. 


Abhishek jain


On 1/2/08, Gerald Richter - ECOS GmbH < > wrote: 


I would suggest using Apache::DBI, which will take care of shareing db


> -----Original Message-----
> From: abhishek jain []
> Sent: Wednesday, January 02, 2008 4:20 AM 
> To: Gerald Richter
> Cc:
> Subject: Re: Strange behavior in Embperl 
> Hi Gerald,
> Thanks it did worked , now another problem :) At times when i
> click on a url running on embperl either correct page will 
> come, or an error message will come that "[9272]ERR: 24: 
> Error in Perl code: Can't call method "disconnect" on an
> undefined value at /home/xxx/abc.html line xxx"
> Also sometimes blank page will come . 
> Also at times mysql too many connections errror is observed , 
> i am using simple DBI and cannot change that i need $dbh for
> one of the library used in my code uses it. I am closing by
> $dbh->disconnect and there is no error in errstr i believe. 
> Can you help.
> Thanks,
> Abhishek jain
> On 1/1/08, Gerald Richter - ECOS GmbH <
<> > wrote:
>       Hi, 
>       $row has a special meaning in Embperl (see
> ct_8
> <
<> > )
>       So in your case, replace $row by any other variable 
> name and it should
>       work
>       Gerald 

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