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From "Blayne Bayer" <>
Subject RE: embperl checbox checked attribute not inserted
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2007 18:59:54 GMT
So upon further investigation I have found that if I pass fdat into
Embperl::Execute , Embperl::fdat is undefined, so I cannot access
Embperl::fdat. I have found the correct package to be Embperl::__1::fdat
( or Embperl::__2::fdat depending on the process ). So it appears that
Embperl::fdat is not setup if passed to Embperl::Execute. If I use the
default Embperl handler Embperl::fdat is defined and can be accessed,
along with Embperl::__1::fdat ( or Embperl::__2::fdat ).


If I add the following lines of code to the embperl page to force
Embperl::fdat to be defined, the input fields are handled correctly and
the checked attribute is automatically added/removed to the checkboxes
and radio buttons:


my $fdat_string = __PACKAGE__ . '::fdat';

%Embperl::fdat = %$fdat_string;


I would prefer to not have to modify every page of my application to add
this. Has anyone else noticed this behaviour? Also, can anyone else
think of a workaround or another way of fixing this issue. I believe
this is a bug with embperl 2.2.0.







From: Blayne Bayer 
Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2007 8:28 AM
Subject: embperl checbox checked attribute not inserted


We are using Embperl 2.2.0 , we have a custom Apache Handler which in
turn prebuilds fdat and calls Embperl::Execute, passing fdat, I have
found that if I pass fdat ( as a hashref ) to Embperl::Execute , the
CHECKED attribute is no longer automatically inserted/removed from
checkboxes and radio buttons.  Has anyone experienced this? And any
possible ideas for a workaround? Our handler must pre-build fdat. 


Blayne Bayer
Senior Software Engineer
Neopost Loop One
1717 W 6th Street STE 450
Austin, TX 78703 USA


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