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Subject Re: Raising error early
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2007 20:29:37 GMT
Hello my friend ;-) Nice to see an answer from you !

kolikov a écrit :
>  > site, I have modified my _base.epl and send the file
>  > "by hand" :

 > The opened file is your own script, so the open is always true.

No. My _base.epl (EMBPERL_OBJECT_BASE) is being called for every
.pdf file. This is part of my apache2 conf :

       EMBPERL_OBJECT_BASE  base.epl
       <FilesMatch "\.(pdf|html)$">
          SetHandler  perl-script
          PerlHandler Embperl::Object
          Options     ExecCGI

This way, every .pdf file to be transmitted to the user gets
called via my script. So I'm sure *every* *single* pdf download
in the site gets logged. And it's completely transparent for the
user : no popup, normal link, no javascript, no forgotten pdf : a dream.

After hours of investigations, it seems firefox was having strange
behaviour when WebDeveloper extension had the "Disable cache"
checked. It was like permanent, even ctrl-F5 would not refresh.

Now it's working fine. Will put in prod tomorrow. You know the
address for ecm... If you want to have a look. I can send you
the complete source (and apache config) if you like.

Thanks for your help anyway, cu!


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