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From "Gerald Richter - ECOS GmbH" <>
Subject RE: Revitalizing Embperl
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2007 22:09:33 GMT

It will not work to put mod_perl and Embperl together. Both have 
different focus and users.

Mod_perl people will never fix themself to one framework (and I think 
that is good).

The only thing that might help (as already suggested) to have an easy to 
install installation system that bundles both (like Randy Korbes 
maintains for Windows).

From my point of view much more important for Revitalizing Embperl is on 
the one hand people that helps developing and testing and on the other 
hand do some promontion outside of this list, like writing articles, put 
modules on CPAN that uses Embperl and integration it into other 


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> From: Marcus Doemling [] 
> Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2007 7:03 AM
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> Subject: Revitalizing Embperl
> I think one key improvement would be to turn mod_perl into 
> mod_embperl. What people really want when they are 
> considering mod_perl is not better performing CGI scripts it 
> is something like Embperl. I don't think these days there are 
> a lot of people wanting to do pure CGI programming, so 
> mod_perl by itself in not "useful".
> Both mod_perl and Embperl would benefit if they were 
> combined. As other people on this list I also have done a lot 
> of investigation about other tools and Embperl to me is the 
> clear winner and I believe most people would agree - if they 
> ever tried it out.
> So how about Embperl joining forces with the mod_perl people. 
> Is this a crazy idea or would it be possible. Imagine you 
> just installed mod_(emb)perl and you're all set with Embperl 
> - ready to create dynamic web pages. What a winner technology 
> that would be - a PHP killer.
> Best,
> Marcus
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