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From "Andrew O'Brien" <>
Subject RE: Problem with Apache 2.2.6
Date Mon, 17 Sep 2007 01:00:27 GMT

> On Mon, Sep 17, 2007 at 09:20:26AM +1000, Andrew O'Brien wrote:
> > What is the latest combination of apache/embperl that is 
> supported by
> > your distro?
> Apache 2.2.6 *is* the current supported version of Apache on my distro
> (GenToo).  That's why I was installing it; it was a routine upgrade as
> far as I was concerned.

Wasn't what I asked - I asked what *combination* is supported by GenToo.
I'm assuming from your response that embperl is not in the GenToo
package system? Ie that it is not available with local patches to
support the GenToo environment and software.

I've currently got embperl 2.2.0 deployed on debian stable (etch) with
some local patches for cookie handling but that was a small matter of
recompiling based on pre-provided and pre-patched source code. I can
attest to the fact that it does work fine with the following

Apache  2.2.3
Modperl 2.0.2
Libapr  1.2.7
Embperl 2.2.0

Looking at the most recent debian packages, the unstable branch has the
following packages:

Apache  2.2.6
Modperl 2.0.2
Libapr  1.2.7 <---
Embperl 2.2.0

So I can assume that the older libapr did the trick with the more recent
apache version.

If you use lower versions of libapr with later apache 2.2.6 then how do
you go?

If that is still failing then my advice to you at this point would be to
stick to 2.0.59 and set up a VM with the latest and greatest for

If you're the first person to hit bugs with this particular comination
of software then you'll want a platform available to work with the
embperl powers-that-be (ie those that can actually remember how to
program in C ;-) ) which , unfortunately, is not me any longer.

Hope that helps.

 - andrew

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