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From kolikov <>
Subject Re : Revitalizing Embperl
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2007 07:40:50 GMT
Marcus Doemling wrote:
 > I think one key improvement would be to turn mod_perl into
 > mod_embperl ...
 > so mod_perl by itself in not "useful"...

The idea is nice, though I'd rather see it as a deeper integration into
mod_perl IS useful.
As an Embperl "end user" I use mod_perl for it's speed and it's 
preloading of perl modules.

 > ... people on this list I also have done a lot of investigation
 > about other tools and Embperl to me is the clear winner ...
IMHO, this is quite true, as for other options I've tried : CGI is like 
a slower php with less options, MASON is nice and flexible but not 
"human readable", CATALYST is top notch with big framework but seems a 
bit of a sledgehammer for small apps.
EMBPERL is clear and easy to maintain no matter the size of your apps.

Thanks again Mr Gerald Richter for pulling this up !

 > So how about Embperl joining forces with the mod_perl people ...
Though my abyssimal knowledge of C won't be of any help ...
I plain agree and am eager to see it.


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