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From Aare Vesi <>
Subject $udat session anomaly
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2007 09:56:41 GMT

I have the following problem with adding information into $udat 
sessions. Used to work alright but now in some parts it works and in 
some parts it does not.

For example adding information as hash:
$udat{sessioninfo} -> {subinfo} = 'test';

and in another test page representing it as [+ Data::Dumper::Dumper 
$udat{sessioninfo} +] works perfectly.

But in the main code sometimes it does not work: $udat{sessioninfo} -> 
{subinfo} value is undef/empty and nothing else in the code is assigning 
values to that hash.

Is there a way to debug session ($udat) information assignments?

Thanks in advance,

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