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From Christophe Le Bars <>
Subject Re: Using Catalyst to revitalize Embperl
Date Mon, 27 Aug 2007 12:50:17 GMT
Kee Hinckley <> writes:
> So, I bailed on Template::Toolkit and installed
> Catalyst::View::Embperl::Object.
> The Embperl::Object View plugin for Catalyst kind of gets you up and
> running, but it's really not useable overall.  It neither integrates
> with Catalyst, nor gives you full access (at least in the Catalyst
> debug server) to the EO functionality.  A week later I had a
> completely new implementation, with much tighter integration.  It's
> not quite ready for public release, but it will be soon. More on that
> in a minute.


I'm the one to blame for Catalyst::View::Embperl::Object. Indeed it's
quite a minimal integration between Catalyst & Embperl::Object. I did
it that because I switched an old code base from Embperl::Object only to
Catalyst + EO and nothing was available at that time.

I'm curious about your implementation off course. Can I see it?

> So.  Here's where my head is at.
> 1. I've got a new startup (social-networking related, needs to scale
> massively, the usual Web2.0 requirements).  I'm committed to using
> Catalyst and Embperl::Object, and I'm committing to feeding back any
> enhancements of those to the community.  But I'd hate to make all
> this effort and be left as the last user.  Never mind that I have
> another project in mind in which Embperl would run within an
> application context, rather than over the internet.  So I want to see
> a growing Embperl community again.

I'm glad to hear that. You would certainly not be the last user. I'm
using EO+Catalyst on several real projects here and plan to extend that

> d. An extensible templating language.
> Want a way to output unescaped content when you need to, without using
> $escmode?  Subclass Syntax::EmbperlBlocks and add a new  directive. [%
> %] for unescaped data.
[... lot's of nice ideas ...]

> The question is very simple.  Are other people interested in going in
> this direction?  If I put out an Embperl::Object View component for
> Catalyst, is anyone going to use it?  And if I start discussing how
> we can grow and extend Embperl, is anyone going to answer back?

I'm in.


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