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From "Dan Clawson" <>
Subject perl Makefile.PL problems embperl-2.2.0
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2007 18:31:02 GMT

I've having trouble getting embperl to configure without error.  When I
run `perl Makefile.PL` it first reports that mod_perl is found, then
that it is not found:

[Fri Aug 10 12:13:00  clawson@rebus
/usr/local/src/Embperl-2.2.0-build/Embperl-2.2.0:11] $ perl Makefile.PL 
Found mod_perl 2.0
Build with support for Apache mod_perl?(y/n) [y]
Use /opt/apache2 as Apache source(y/n) [y]
Will use /opt/apache2 for Apache Headers
Apache Version Server version: Apache/2.2.4 (Unix)
 + Load dynamic module mod_actions.c
 + Load dynamic module mod_cgi.c
 + Load dynamic module mod_alias.c
 + Load dynamic module mod_env.c
 + Load dynamic module mod_perl.c
 + Load dynamic module mod_mime.c
 + Load dynamic module mod_dir.c
 + mod_perl was build with USE_DSO
Test start /opt/apache2/bin/httpd
Test httpd will run as user clawson and group sorcerer
Test httpd will listen on port 8531
mod_perl not installed on this system
-> Cannot build for mod_perl without mod_perl installed!!
Found LWP::UserAgent  Version 2.033
Found HTML::HeadParser  Version 2.22
Apache::Session not installed on this system
-> Disable tests for persistent data storage
Found File::Spec  Version 3.12
Found CGI  Version 3.15
Found libxml2 2.6.10 installed under /usr
Found libxslt 1.1.7 installed under /usr
Enter path of XALAN base directory or single dot for not using XALAN [.]
Xalan will not be linked into Embperl
Writing Makefile for Embperl::App::Config
Writing Makefile for Embperl::App
Writing Makefile for Embperl::Component::Config
Writing Makefile for Embperl::Component::Output
Writing Makefile for Embperl::Component::Param
Writing Makefile for Embperl::Component
Writing Makefile for Embperl::Req::Config
Writing Makefile for Embperl::Req::Param
Writing Makefile for Embperl::Req
Writing Makefile for Embperl::Syntax
Writing Makefile for Embperl::Thread
Writing Makefile for Embperl
Writing Makefile for WrapXS
Writing Makefile for Embperl

I have a fresh install of Apache/2.2.4 installed in /opt/apache2:

[Fri Aug 10 12:17:29  clawson@rebus  /opt/apache2/bin:16] $ ./httpd -l
Compiled in modules:

mod_perl-2.0.3 is installed (after a successful make, make test) as a
DSO and is loaded in Apache:

[Fri Aug 10 12:18:03  clawson@rebus  /opt/apache2/bin:18] $ ./httpd -M
Loaded Modules:
 core_module (static)
 mpm_prefork_module (static)
 http_module (static)
 so_module (static)


 perl_module (shared)
Syntax OK

Have I provided you enough information to help me get around this error?


Dan Clawson
Office of Information Technology
University of Utah

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