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From Lelton <>
Subject Re: Dynamically generating file for download
Date Thu, 26 Jul 2007 23:28:03 GMT
On 7/26/07, Frank Wesemann <> wrote:
> %http_headers_out is what you are looking for:
> $http_headers_out{'Content-Type'}  = '' the type of your data";
> my $binary_data = collect_the_data(%params);
> print OUT $binary_data;
> exit;

Thanks for the reply but that does not solve the problem. The
content-type is the easy part! With that code in a [- -] I still get
the inherited HTML templates which gets stuck in with the contents of
$binary_data in the rendered output.

As Ed mentioned, I need some way of preventing Embperl from processing
any of the inherited templates in base.epl within a particular branch
within the program logic.


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