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From "Gerald Richter - ECOS GmbH" <>
Subject RE: RE: error document
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2007 19:34:27 GMT
> I ran httpd on another port with -X, and it's somewhat interesting.
> When the first request to the httpd (started with -X) is for 
> a missing page or a page with error, I get bus error or 
> segmentation fault and apache dies.
> If the first request is a hit and successful, subsequent 
> requests for missing pages behaves as desired. (shows custom 
> error page)

Can you try

 make test TESTARGS="-h errdoc/errdoc.htm"


 make test TESTARGS="-h errdoc/epl/errdoc2.htm"

Both test will fail, but when you look at test/tmp/out.htm after each 
test, you should see the sentence "This page is shown due to an 
ErrorDocument redirection".

Especialy there should be no bus error or similar.


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