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From Etienne Boulet <>
Subject Re: apache, webdav, embperl
Date Fri, 25 May 2007 21:01:02 GMT
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<font size="-1"><font face="Arial">Thanks a lot Mr. Ritcher and
I've figured out a way to make it work with the virtual hosts.<br>
Maybe you could help me with an other issue. For the past few years we
use to manage our website with MS Frontpage and the FrontPage Server
Extension (FPSE) on our Linux server.<br>
Since Microsoft stopped supporting the FPSE for linux and windows we
are trying to find a replacement solution.<br>
I was trying to use Webdav but it does not seem to be very user
friendly. The big advantage provided by FPSE was that we could connect
to the remote server via Microsoft Frontpage and easily update web
pages. Even people with partial knowledge of HTML could edit the
webpages. <br>
Our website contains approximatly 20,000 pages so the webdav
synchronisation (remote/local) could take a lot of time and that's why
we are looking for a way to edit the pages directly on the remote
server with a user friendly application.<br>
Any ideas ?<br>
Etienne Boulet<br>
Gerald Richter - ECOS GmbH wrote:
  <pre wrap="">You need to put your webdav and your Embperl definition inside of two

different &lt;Location&gt; blocks, so Apache knows what to do when you request 
a page


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From: Etienne Boulet [<a class="moz-txt-link-freetext" href=""></a>]

Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2007 2:32 PM
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Subject: apache, webdav, embperl


I'm trying to run apache, embperl and webdav together. 

apache 2.0.58-r2
embperl 2.0_rc4
mod_perl 2.0.3-r1 

Here's my problem, I have 2 aliases in my httpd.conf like 

# Web for Web (a Web alias for Web visitors) Alias "/website" 
# DAV for Web (a DAV alias to update Web content) Alias 
"/websitedav" "/var/www/localhost/htdocs/" 

My 45_mod_dav.conf looks like : 

&lt;IfDefine DAV&gt;
  &lt;IfModule !mod_dav.c&gt; 
    LoadModule dav_module    modules/ 
&lt;IfDefine DAV_FS&gt;
  &lt;IfModule !mod_dav_fs.c&gt; 
    LoadModule dav_fs_module   modules/ 
&lt;IfModule mod_dav.c&gt; 
    DavMinTimeout 600 
    &lt;Location /websitedav&gt; 
            Dav On 
            ForceType text/plain 
            AuthType Basic 
            AuthName "Welcome on TITINE's WebDAV" 
            AuthUserFile /var/dav/.davpasswd 
                    Require valid-user 
&lt;IfModule mod_dav_fs.c&gt; 
    # Location of the WebDAV lock database. 
    DavLockDB /var/lib/dav/lockdb

And my 78_mod_embperl.conf looks like : 

&lt;IfDefine EMBPERL&gt;
  &lt;IfModule !mod_embperl.c&gt; 
    LoadModule  embperl_module modules/
        &lt;IfModule mod_embperl.c&gt; 
            PerlModule Embperl 
            AddType text/html .htm 
            &lt;Files *.htm&gt; 
            SetHandler  perl-script 
            PerlHandler Embperl 
            Options     ExecCGI 

When I want to edit my webpage via webdav with the 
/websitedav alias all of the perl code in my web pages is 
already interpreted. 
Is there a way to tell EmbPerl not to interprete the perl 
code in my web page when I got through the websitedav alias ? 

Thank you 

Etienne Boulet
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