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From Gavin Spomer <spom...@cwu.EDU>
Subject RE: Introduction / SuSE Installation
Date Fri, 25 May 2007 17:03:01 GMT
>>> Gerald Richter - ECOS GmbH <> 05/25/07 9:39 AM >>>
> even uses an older version of SuSE. However I cannot locate 
> the httpd.h header(?) file. I found the httpd daemon and the 
> shared object files just fine. I use the the SuSE 
> packaged apache-2.2.3-20 with apache2-prefork-2.2.3-20 for my 
> web server. Is Embperl still do-able? Is there a file to 
> locate other than the httpd.h that will work?

You need to install a SuSE package call something like apache2-dev, this 
will contains the developer sources and header files. (maybe there is 
also a mod_perl (or apache-perl) /-dev which you need)


   Excellent. I installed the apache2-devel package and now have /usr/include/apache2/httpd.h.

   Also, my apache daemon is httpd2 (instead of httpd) which is actually a symbolic link pointing
to httpd2-prefork. When I
   get to the part in the installation that will ask me for the location of the daemon, can
I enter /usr/sbin/httpd2 or will I
   have to make a symbolic link from httpd (no "2") to httpd2-prefork?

   Thanks a million, Gerald. I'm so excited to have my own installation of embperl! :D

   - Gavin

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