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From Gunnar Wolf <>
Subject Re: Embperl on Ubuntu 7.04 / problem
Date Wed, 02 May 2007 15:50:05 GMT
RobertCZ dijo [Wed, May 02, 2007 at 10:16:14AM +0200]:
> >You are right on your last appreciation - We had a similar problem in
> >Debian, for which the fix [1] was as simple as recompiling Embperl
> >against Apache 2.2 - Ubuntu has also the bug marked as open [2]; I'm
> >adding the information regarding how to fix it.
> Hmm, I see libembperl-perl (2.2.0-2), excellent you could release it so 
> fast - but how can I install it? sudo aptitude install says there're no 
> new packages. Is it in some  hiden/not public place or something? I 
> don't understand aptitude and don't see any relevant command line 
> switch. Sorry to bother, please help. Thanks.

Well... I maintian Debian packages, not Ubuntu ones :) So I cannot do
much about it. And I cannot guarantee you they will be compatible -
Don't mix them.

I mentioned my bug report in the Ubuntu one, but of course, it's up to
the Ubuntu maintainers to fix it. Now, keep in mind that Embperl is in
Ubuntu's "Universe" section, which AFAICT means it's not officially


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