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From Gunnar Wolf <>
Subject How does Embperl work with different Apache2 MPM models?
Date Tue, 01 May 2007 01:39:32 GMT

We recently got this bug report in Debian, for which I'm sending a
copy of this mail:

In short, the user states embperl only works with the Prefork Apache
MPM. I have only used this MPM (and not the other ones, particularly
the ones based on threading) - and this is because only the Prefork
one works reliably with mod_perl (and much of my code is
mod_perl). However, I understand that if Embperl is not directly
called from inside Apache (i.e. if it is run via FastCGI), it can
safely run under threaded Apache2 servers - Am I right?

Probably we (and "we" might mean "the Debian maintainers for Embperl"
or "our kind Gerald and his very nice team") should basically document
prominently the user might find this situation :) What do you think?


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