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From Frank Wesemann <>
Subject overwriting / patching gettext()
Date Fri, 09 Feb 2007 01:34:21 GMT
Hello embperl-list,
we are building i18nesd websites for customers.
I provide our and their webdesigners  with .html documents generated 
from our Embperl app. (crawled by wget)
They are doing their design in those pages and send them back to us.
I want to give them hints which msgids we are using.
Using isn't sufficent because we do have a lot of 
dynamically generated messages like
$epreq->getext(headline_$curr_page .

The output with an empty %messages hash is ok, but it would be nicer to 
surround these labels with something demonstrative eg. !!_themsgid_!! 
and to escape the %d, %s etc from format strings we are using to do 
these things:
    printf ($epreg->gettext(items_found), $itemcount) where 
"items_found" is "we found %d items" )

I think it would be easy for somebody with only some knowledge of C to 
patch the embperl_GetText function in eputil.c
so it will always return "!!_sMsgId_!!". Unfortunately and obviously I 
don't have any clue how to do this . I've never seen C before  and the 
only thing a got is memory errors.
Could somebody give a hint how to do this? Or does someone have a patch?

Any Help is appreciated.

mit freundlichem Gruß

Frank Wesemann
Fotofinder GmbH         USt-IdNr. DE812854514
Software Entwicklung    Web:
Potsdamer Str. 96       Tel: +49 30 25 79 28 90
10785 Berlin            Fax: +49 30 25 79 28 999

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