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From Oskar Ahner <>
Subject Re: Exit frustration
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2007 19:02:56 GMT
Gunnar Wolf skrev:
> Oskar Ahner dijo [Wed, Jan 10, 2007 at 06:52:34PM +0100]:
>>>> In your module, you should call Embperl::exit (301) instead of just exit,
>>>> because calling exit only, will terminate the whole Apache child, which is
>>>> not what you want.
>>> Ok, changed to Embperl::Exit - Now I get yet another message logged!
>>> :-) 
>> Do You have to call exit() at all? If You just finnish your code with 
>> the redirection statement? I do so in my app where the redirection is 
>> the last statement of execution.
> Umh... I understand that "clean" is very subjective, but it's cleaner
> for me sometimes to exit this way. In this specific case, I'm calling
> exit from my redirect method, in order to _avoid_ going through the
> rest of the logic - i.e., at user authentication time, if the user is
> not successfully authenticated, from the Embperl's init
> method, I just call $epreq->{webclient}->redirect('login.html'), and
> that's it.  
Ok, I didn't mean it to do it uncleanly :-) I was thinking about a 
solution where a "message" can be
passed between the different phases (like $r->notes in mod_perl). In 
such a case You can set a flag to indicate failure for instance,
and all other sub routines check for this status flag. Btw, are You 
coding your authentication  mechanism
in embperl or mod perl? I  tried to do it in embperl but ended up in mod 
perl by it it's "lower level nature".
But I'm interrested in authentication modules written purley in embperl.


> Greetings,

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