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From "Ben K." <>
Subject RE: execution time
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2006 18:44:48 GMT
I was not seeing all my requests. I changed it now to

 	PerlSetEnv EMBPERL_DEBUG 67135725

but still, I'm not seeing all my requests in the embperl log.

I don't have any caching option set so I guess it should not be served 
from cache. Here's the problem.

The following is the sequence of log entries. EMBPERL-PAGE.EPL is a
pseudonym for the requested file.

For example, after these entries in the log, I made 7-8 requests to the
same page. It didn't matter which computer and which browser I used to
make subsequent requests. (So session doesn't seem to play a role here.)

But in the logged sequence, the cache, seems to be updated since it's
newer. I'm seeing this sequence for all files. Is this normal?

Could it be that, since the page is cached, it will not make into the log from some unintended
cache options? Where should I check?

[5805]Use App: Embperl
[5805]Formdata[--SNIP--] length = 42
[5805]FORM: [--SNIP--]
[5805]Using APACHE for output[--SNIP--] 
[6691] Use Recipe Embperl
[5805]CACHE: Created new CacheItem *file:EMBPERL-PAGE.EPL; expires_in=0 expires_func=no expires_filename=EMBPERL-PAGE.EPL
[6691]SYNTAX: switch to Embperl::Syntax::Embperl
[5805]CACHE: Created new CacheItem *file:EMBPERL-PAGE.EPL* epparse:Embperl; expires_in=0 expires_func=no
expires_filename= cache=no
[5805]CACHE: Created new CacheItem *file:EMBPERL-PAGE.EPL* epparse:Embperl*epcompile:; expires_in=0
expires_func=no expires_filename= cache=yes
[5805]CACHE: Created new CacheItem *file:EMBPERL-PAGE.EPL* epparse:Embperl*epcompile:*eprun:
[5805]CACHE: *file:EMBPERL-PAGE.EPL stat file EMBPERL-PAGE.EPL mtime=1165962583 size=19511
[5805]CACHE: *file:EMBPERL-PAGE.EPL expired because file EMBPERL-PAGE.EPL changed 
[5805]CACHE: *file:EMBPERL-PAGE.EPL*epparse:Embperl expired  because dependencies is expired
or newer
[5805]CACHE: *file:EMBPERL-PAGE.EPL*epparse:Embperl* epcompile: expired because dependencies
is expired or newer
[5805]CACHE: *file:EMBPERL-PAGE.EPL*epparse:Embperl* epcompile:*eprun:[--SNIP--] because dependencies
is     expired or newer
[5805]CACHE: *file:EMBPERL-PAGE.EPL*epparse:Embperl* epcompile:*eprun:[--SNIP--] get from
[5805]CACHE: *file:EMBPERL-PAGE.EPL*epparse:Embperl* epcompile: get from provider
[5805]CACHE: *file:EMBPERL-PAGE.EPL*epparse:Embperl get from provider
[5805]Reading EMBPERL-PAGE.EPL as input using PerlIO (19511  Bytes)[--SNIP--]
[5805]PERF: Parse Start Time:     90 ms
[5805]PERF: Parse End Time:       100 ms
[5805]PERF: Parse Time:       10 ms 
[5805]PERF: DOMSTAT: MemUsage = 69192 Bytes numNodes = 296 numLevelLookup = 0 numLevelLookupItem
= 0 numStr = 218 numReplace = 0
[5805]TAB:  get EscMode = 0, Used = 1
[5805]DEF:  Line 1: 
# any initialisation could be put here
$DB::single = 1 ;

  _ep_cp(1) ;

# Include here any cleanup code
$DB::single = 0 ;

_ep_cp(53) ;

[5805]PERF: Compile Start Time: 100 ms
[5805]PERF: Compile End Time:     110 ms
[5805]PERF: After Compile Exec End Time: 110 ms
[5805]PERF: Perl Compile End Time: 1060 ms
[5805]PERF: Compile Time:       960 ms 
[5805]PERF: DOMSTAT: MemUsage = 70232 Bytes  numNodes = 252  numLevelLookup = 0          
      numLevelLookupItem = 0  numStr = 217  numReplace = 12
[5805]EVAL< <unknown>
[5805]TAB:  set EscMode = 0, Used = 1
[5805]EVAL> <undefined>
[5805]PERF: Run Start Time: 1060 ms
[5805]PERF: Run End Time:   1270 ms
[5805]PERF: Run Time:       210 ms
[5805]PERF: DOMSTAT: MemUsage = 77252 Bytes  numNodes = 418  numLevelLookup = 35         
      numLevelLookupItem = 11  numStr = 283  numReplace = 152

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