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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject RE: Preventing embperl caching of dynamic data?
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2006 05:04:36 GMT

> If I'm understanding what I see correctly, I running into an 
> issue where Embperl is caching output I don't want cached.
> I've been trying to get Embperl to stop caching my dynamic 
> pages on my site without success.  I'm just not properly 
> understanding the use of EMBPERL_EXPIRES_IN and/or 

Embperl per default does not cache any output. You need EMBPERL_EXPIRES_IN
and EMBPERL_EXPIRES_FUNC only if want to cache the output.

> Well, I wasn't successfull getting around the caching of my 
> perl script output so I stopped trying to get my established 
> perl scripts working under Embperl with little to no changes. 
>  I've converted one of them to a more Embperl form and have 
> now gotten around my caching problem. 
> I'm sure that's what I should have done a while ago.  I was 
> just trying to get Embperl templating with very little to no 
> conversion work of my Apache2 registry scripts.

Embperl should be able to run registry scripts with little modification, but
it seems that you have done something that Embperl doesn't like.

So if you have still scripts you have trouble with, please send us a small
example that shows the behaviour


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