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From Andrew Sitnikov <>
Subject Embperl::Object + FastCGI env configuration problems
Date Thu, 16 Nov 2006 12:37:52 GMT
  I try use Embperl::Object + apache mod_fastcgi. All works, except configuration params from


  <Directory /home/<username>/public_html/embperl/fcgi/object>
        Action text/html /cgi-bin/fcgi/

        SetEnv EMBPERL_ESCMODE 0
        SetEnv EMBPERL_OPTIONS 16

        SetEnv EMBPERL_OBJECT_BASE .htbase
        SetEnv EMBPERL_DEBUG 1
        SetEnv EMBPERL_


  i got error:
  [30946]ERR:  404: : Not found '_base.epl', searched:

  if i rename .htbase into _base.epl - all ok

  after some debugging i see that $appcfg -> object_base in empty when i use
fastcgi, but have properly value if i use cgi.

 i trace fastcgi call and see


as may be seen apache send this enviroment in request, but Embperl not use it.

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